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FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

We always love to hear from our clients - and if you're having difficulties with your service, we encourage you to contact your Account Representative directly for help, or contact log a ticket with our Support Team by emailing .

Q. Where is Planet Telecom Offering Internet Service?
A. We offer internet access in most areas of Chiriqui:
  • Boquete
  • Alto Boquete
  • Montañas de Caldera
  • Boquete Canyon Village
  • Caldera
  • Palo Alto
  • Alto Lino
  • Jaramillo Abajo
  • El Salto
  • Volcan
  • Paso Ancho
  • Cerro Punta
  • Alto Boquete
  • El Francés
  • Potrerillos Abajo
  • Potrerillos Arriba
  • Rovira
  • El Banco
  • Palma Real
  • Aguacate
  • Santa Rita
  • Cordiellera
  • Cuesta de Piedra
  • La Estrella
  • Santa Marta
  • El Tejar de Alanje
  • Alanje
  • Tijeras de Alanje
  • Puerto Armuelles
  • Boca Brava
  • Boca Chica and surrounding Islands
  • Las Lajas (at the beach)
  • Volcancito
  • Jaramillo
  • El Salto
  • Limones
  • Alto Quiel
  • Las Trancas
  • Bella Vista
  • Santa Marta
  • Bugaba
  • Divala
  • Progreso
  • Manaca
  • El Salado
  • Horconcitos
  • San Felix
  • David
What is and isn’t covered in Planet Telecom support following installation?
Planet Telecom will maintain the equipment necessary to provide signal to the Subscriber. Planet Telecom is not responsible for objects that may interfere with the signal such as tree growth,new structures, other wireless devices that may use the same transmission frequency as Planet Telecom radios, or other acts of God that we can’t control, such as lightning or power surge damage. The subscriber is responsible for maintaining all equipment within the building, including computers and network equipment, if applicable, and to ensure that equipment is not tampered with or in any way damaged. This includes making sure computers are protected from viruses and adware that may significantly affect processing speed. Please visit our Internet Links page to download free virus and adware protection. Routine computer maintenance is one of the most important things a person can do to ensure the best possible Internet-use experience. You can see our full coverage area map by
clicking here

I’m a Planet Telecom customer. Is there a referral program if I refer a neighbour or friend to Internet Service with Planet Telecom?

Yes. We highly encourage customer referrals. In fact, we believe that’s the very best form of positive advertising. Current customers will receive a $50 credit on their account for each customer they refer who is successfully installed. Credit will be applied to the next invoice, whether a customer pays monthly or annually. No cash payments will be made. Either the existing customer or the referred customer must inform Planet Telecom staff in order for credit to be processed correctly. We assume no responsibility for posting credit without official notification.

Will my internet connection be fast enough to watch Netflix or other movies and TV shows online? The higher-speed packages will give the customer the best video viewing experience; we generally recommend a minimum of 3.0 Mbps connection. We also recommend that unless a customer specifically wants HD quality, he/she should select a lower-level quality, which in most cases is quite adequate for viewing.

Can I use a wireless router with Planet Telecom service? Yes, many customers have wireless networks in their homes or businesses. Planet Telecom requires that all wireless networks be security-enabled. Routers can be provided and installed by Planet Telecom (contact the David office for current pricing), or customers can install their own. The Planet Telecom installation crew will be happy to connect to a customer’s existing wireless router at the time of installation if it is a commonly known brand.

How can I change my level of service? Simply call our office at 777-9200, extension 0, to request the change, or send an email by completing the form at the bottom of this screen. We’ll be happy to help.

Can the Internet service interfere with my cordless phone, baby monitor or other wireless household devices? Our signal transmits at 900MHz and 5.8GHz. If your cordless phone, baby monitor, or other wireless household device is also at either of these frequencies, there could be interference on both services. On your phone, you might have buzzing. On the Internet connection, there may be data packet loss, which would cause sub-optimal performance. Video baby monitors and wireless speakers also can cause problems. Please check the information with your product to determine the radio frequency it uses to transmit signal to determine if this might be the cause for poor Internet connections. If so, simply unplug and remove batteries from these devices, and your Internet should work fine.

How secure is this service? Fixed-wireless service is as secure as your computer. Our servers are firewall protected and transmission is point to point, meaning that only your computer or wireless router can access the signal. It is important that customers keep their computers fully up to date with the latest antivirus, antispyware and antiadware software available. We suggest daily updates and scans for the best level of protection. In addition, customers should check for software updates frequently for their Internet browser (i.e., Microsoft for Internet Explorer). Microsoft Windows updates are also available online and should be done periodically.

Can I use VOIP phone service with broadband through Planet Telecom? Sure, you can VOIP services from most providers. Planet Telecom offers very competitive small business PBX and residential packages as well.

What is file sharing and why is it prohibited on the Planet Telecom network? File sharing is the open connection between a computer and media server such as uTorrent, LimeWire, Morpheus, or WinMX among many others. This connection allows files on a computer to be automatically uploaded even without the owner’s knowledge. This open connection uses significant amounts of bandwidth, thus causing our entire network’s speeds to be adversely affected. Planet Telecom must prohibit file sharing so that all customers have optimal connection speeds. We realize that customers are often not aware their software is allowing file sharing. If we notice an unusual amount of data being uploaded by a customer, we will contact him/her to discuss.

I am an existing customer and need technical help. How do I reach someone? The best way to get help is by calling our tech support line at 777-9200, extension 56. Most calls will be answered immediately between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday unless we are on the line with another caller. Calls outside these hours will be returned as quickly as possible. We also have weekend hours with technical staff on call for emergencies.

Is there a service fee if I need technical assistance? Planet Telecom will provide phone support at no charge. In many cases, questions can be handled over the phone. If a crew needs to provide on-site repairs, Planet Telecom is responsible for the performance of its network, which includes the proper performance of the antenna and processing unit (radio) on the customer’s home/office. In the event of lightning strike or other acts of God, including foliage growing between the customer’s antenna and the tower, customer is responsible for the cost of replacement or re-aiming the antenna. Labour is billed at a reasonable hourly rate.

Can I proof read your contract prior to signing up?
A. Of course! You can download a copy of our contract by clicking here:

What is the Planet Telecom privacy policy?
You can download a copy of our privacy policy by clicking here:

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