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October 2014
For the past year or so, we've had our ad on a very popular expat site called Boquete.ning.. Boquete.ning, for the uninitiated, is a forum where expats exchange tips, ideas, opinions and the occasional diatribe. It's a must read for most expats in Chiriqui. Every year, Lee Zeltzer, the guy who runs the site, generously donates an ad spot to Bid4Boquete Now, Bid4Boquete is a wonderful organization that fund-raises for a variety of extremely important causes in the Boquete area. Support for initiatives like assistance to those less fortunate than ourselves, those with physical and developmental challenges, animal welfare etc...So, to make a long story short: Lee donates the ad, we buy it, cash goes to a worthwhile charity, we get our name out in front of prospective clients. Win, win, win.

November, 2014
Well, we've had an interesting rainy season in 2014. Multiple lightening strikes on our towers have made life interesting for us, and somewhat frustrating for our clients. The weather has stabilized quite a bit, so we're quite relieved.

You would probably not think that Boquete, Panama was a hotbed of musical instrument innovation. Well, think again. One of our long-standing clients is a company called Panama Guitars. They design, manufacture and market tube-based electric guitar amplifiers all around the world. In fact, we recently assisted them in the implementation of a small business PBX system. This allows them to have both Panama and USA phone numbers, and the ability to transfer calls to various departments of their growing business. If you have a musician on your Christmas list, check them out!

December 2014
We're also excited about a new partnership with our friends at Radio Chiriqui. We've concluded a space sharing agreement with them that will help us provide additional coverage to our clients, in exchange for providing them with technical assistance, internet connectivity and other services. The best part is being associated with Radio Chiriqui, the most listened-to radio stations in Chiriqui. 107.1 and 103.5 FM

We've just completed an internet connection project for Liquid Jungle Labs. This is a really interesting organization. They conduct marine biology and oceanography research on an island about 60km offshore from Las Lajas Beach, on the Western Azuero Coast. I am always blown away by the variety of fascinating things being done right here in Chiriqui. Check out their web site, really cool stuff!

December 23, 2014
We'd like to wish all of friends and clients a very Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad a nuestros amigos y clientes!

December 31, 2014
Happy New Year to our clients, friends and business partners! All the best for 2015!

February 27, 2015
We have just commissioned our tower in Istana, Boca Chica. We can now serve clients in Playa Rincon, Playa Hermosa, the San Lorenzo beaches and other areas.

June 5, 2015
We are completing major infrastructure projects aimed at improving the reliability of our network. As many of you know, power (or lack thereof) is a major irritant here in Panama. In our business, it's a primary cause of headaches for us. We've just spent over $15,000 in generators, larger battery banks and related equipment in order to better deal with outages. June 21, 2019
Scheduled Maintenance Work We inform you that during the next few days, maintenance activities will be carried out in all our communication towers, so in different areas the Internet service could be affected. Between 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. our technicians will be performing this task at different sites starting tomorrow. Interruptions will be brief and we anticipate 1 hour out of service more or less. We understand that the works generate inconveniences, but they are necessary to improve the network and guarantee continuity and quality in the provision of the service. It is our commitment to continue working to serve you in the best way. Customer service Planet Telecom