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Alarms and Security Systems

Alarms and Security Systems for Panama

Planet Telecom is pleased to announce the launching of our security solutions division. We now provide our clients with intrusion (burglar) alarms, video surveillance, access control and perimeter security systems. By focusing on high quality systems and components, we ensure you convenience and peace of mind.

Only Quality Security Systems

Having experienced low-cost alarm systems, we've taken the decision to only install quality, proven technology. Our systems may be a bit more expensive upfront, but we believe your investment in a security system is a long term affair. Reliability and longevity are a must.
We’re authorized dealers and installers for DSC and Paradox - two of the most trusted names in the security business. These manufacturers have decades of experience, and their systems are found in millions of homes and businesses around the world.
We also provide video surveillance systems. Our systems are designed to provide high quality images that will assist in the identification of intruders or thieves.
Ask us for a free, no obligation, security analysis of your home or business. We install our security systems across Chiriqui. We’ll provide the solution that’s right for you. There are, however a few things we won’t comprise on, because doing so may put you at risk: -We only use UL listed equipment, installed to UL standards. This is crucial, as it’s the benchmark used by insurers in North America to define a security product that is acceptable to them. Anything else is a half-measure. -All alarm modules are SUPERVISED. This means the alarm panel is always monitoring the entire system, looking out for weak batteries, sabotage or radio jamming attempts, or simply a user trying to arm the system while leaving a vulnerable window open.

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