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Planet Telecom delivers on Palenque

Planet Telecom is pleased to partner with
Amble Resorts to deliver wireless internet and voice communication services for the guests and staff at Amble Resorts’ newest Panama Resort property on the beautiful Isla Palenque

Amble Resorts contacted Planet Telecom to discuss the option of putting together a plan that would work within the vision of maintaining a sustainable island paradise for their Panama Resort, while offering guests the ability to have all of the access to communication amenities that they desired.

Always up for a challenge, the team at Planet Telecom developed and delivered a solution that included a wireless access shot from the mainland, wireless distribution throughout the inhabited areas of the island resort, and a rock solid communications infrastructure – even including IP telephony!

Planet Telecom’s teams were onsite at the Panama island resort at multiple points during the construction of the property, running over 4 kilometres of fibre optic cabling, configuring the massive radio delivery system, building the network backbone and ensuring that Amble has the many of the communication tools that they require, even in an environment that would traditionally be quite challenging.

A unique project that has exceptional environmental sustainability guidelines, proving that you can in fact simultaneously be “away from it all” and have as much (or as little) access to the outside world as you require.

Amble’s ambitious Panama resort project at Isla Palenque has been a complete success, with early (VIP) guests already arriving and enjoying what is truly a unique luxury focused Panama eco-resort experience.

For more information on the Isla Palenque Panama luxury resort, please visit them on the web by clicking here.

Planet Telecom is honored to be a part of this project, and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Amble Resorts for the beautiful Panama Resort, Isla Palenque.

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