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Volcan ISP Tower Site In Final Stages - Pre-Booking Installation!

Planet Telecom is excited to offer High Speed Internet in Volcan to residents and businesses alike in the very near future (We're shooting for a March 1st live date), and we're thrilled to announce the opening of our pre-booking installation list for residents of Volcan and surrounding areas.

If you're a resident in Volcan or surrounding areas, and would like to pre-book your installation, you can
Contact Us via email, or feel free to call our Head Office in David at (+507) 777-9200.
We are happy to give you all of the latest details on this specific site, as well as put you on the pre-booking list to ensure you're one of the first to get blazing fast Internet Service in Volcan.

As an ISP in Chiriqui and surrounding areas, completion of the Volcan tower site will allow us to service a wide area - in some cases delivering high speed internet services in Panama where there weren't many options - in some cases - there were no viable options for residents to get service from an ISP.

Planet Telecom will continue to build our High Speed Internet network infrastructure to accommodate for new capacity and our ever increasing client base moving forward, continuing to be the "Best ISP in Panama".

Below are some pictures taken by one of our network engineers showcasing the tower that will deliver High Speed Internet in Volcan and surrounding areas:

This image showcases the height and reach of the tower site that will service Volcan:
ISP in Volcan Tower Site

Here's a picture from high up on the tower -
ISP in Volcan Tower

We would like to thank Jose for his excellent camera work - and commitment to helping Planet Telecom be the BEST ISP in Panama

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